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How Small Businesses Can Use Local SEO Services In Sri Lanka To Compete With Larger Companies

Small Businesses Can Succeed If They Use Local SEO Services In Sri Lanka

Smaller businesses in Sri Lanka will have a hard time competing with the bigger brands if they take the conventional route when it comes to marketing. However, with more customers going online for purchases, there is an excellent chance for smaller businesses to work around the bigger businesses, and capture the target audience through local SEO in Sri Lanka. Local SEO and content marketing provide options to small companies that larger firms do not have, for example personalizing content. Small businesses can have their customers be apart of their marketing, by posting images, and videos testifying about the quality of the company's work.

Most larger businesses work in multiple regions, or provinces which makes it difficult for them to be deemed 'local experts' of one particular area. This is where most small businesses have their advantage, operating in a local area allows them to project the idea that they are the local experts of a specific region. This is extremely important for local SEO services in Sri Lanka because SEO experts can create high quality links with a high domain authority, which means company websites can climb up the SERP, which increases click through rates.

Local SEO Should Be Unique And Insider

Content marketing is key for local SEO in Sri Lanka, small businesses have to create unique content that meets the following criteria:

  • 'Insider' - Content should be written as if you have been living in the area, your entire life.
  • Unifying - It brings customers of different demographics together through shares and likes
  • Educational - Provides unique insight into the local area.

Local based content is the best option for most businesses in Sri Lanka because it provides an unique opportunity for most businesses to establish themselves as a brand and gain a loyal following of customers, despite the presence of big brands operating in the local area.

Most small businesses tend to struggle against competition because they tend to focus in the wrong areas for local SEO services in Sri Lanka. For example, most businesses try to rank for number one on the SERP as an end goal, and try to rank for a large range of keywords that they cannot rank consistently for. This is an erroneous goal, for the ultimate objective for ranking on SERP is to gain more web traffic and a higher click through rate.