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Help Guide to Hire SEO Specialist in Sri Lanka

Having a well designed website with eye catchy multimedia designs is not worth enough, if there is no target visitors, conversions and sales through the website. By letting search engines to cuddle the website, more target traffic can be driven to the website & business income will see a massive improvement. Google is the popular search engine with more than 90% market share in the international market of search engines against its competitors Bing, Yahoo, Ask etc. That is, every businesses should get top rankings on Google to get more deals, sales, brand awareness and more. If you are looking to hire a Google search engine optimization consultant (i.e : SEO specialist), it is recommended to have some ideas about the SEO and its processes to avoid end up in hiring a novice.

A professional & experienced SEO agency will ask questions to understand the business, business goals, target customers, target customer behaviors, geographical location & etc to picturize the business and will create the SEO strategy to get top rankings for the search terms which have more search volume on Google or other search engines and, plan to send more page views from target customers (potential leads).

Years of Experience in the SEO Industry Guarantees the Results

Having experience in the SEO industry is must, more the experience more the guarantee of top rankings the business can expect, without harming to search engine's standards for websites (for example, Google has a set of rules called "Webmaster guidelines" which dictates what Google is expecting to have on a website for better user experience with the website).

When you call a SEO expert for meeting, the experienced professional will come up with a proposal that contains the keyword research which is an analysis of online market demand (specially through Google) for your business along with a quick website audit which contains few points on what are the areas to improve on the website itself to let it be in love with Google and other search engines. Also, the proposal should outline the processes the SEO company is going to implement for the website, and the SEO specialist should be able to explain it in simple English which everyone can easily understand.

SEO Services on the Offer with Web Designing Companies in Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka's market, you can easily see there are web designing companies calling themselves as "SEO experts" and offering "search engine optimization" as part of their web design project to attract more sales for them. But in practical, they do very few things such as setting up sitemap.xml and conclude the website is search engine friendly. To stay away from such traps, the businesses should consider other points mentioned in this article to validate the professional SEO services in Sri Lanka.

Here are some bullet points the businesses are to take into account when looking for a local SEO expert in Sri Lanka:

  • Search engine optimization contains three main processes such as keyword research, web audit & on page SEO, off page SEO (link building)
  • Always check the testimonials and it is advisable to connect with the latest two references to have some ideas about the SEO company's expert level in search engine optimization or check out the reviews on a third party website like Google+, Facebook etc. A proven track of records on getting top rankings in search engine is the must to consider on hiring a SEO expert.