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A Guide To Internet Marketing In Sri Lanka: The Good And The Bad

If you are using internet marketing, you are bound to get more customers and sales no matter what the business it is that you are doing. In Sri Lanka many businesses are now having a facebook page or a twitter account to gain the attention of more people. But this by itself is not enough; you need to use SEO Sri Lanka to get you into the top ranks.

The Good About Internet Marketing

  • It allows you to reach more targeted customers effectively. For example if you are specializing in baby products you need to target mothers for customers so you start advertising on pages or community forums built specifically for mother. With the right use of keywords and search engine optimization Sri Lanka this process is easily done.
  • It is Cost effective. Definitely a cheaper way than to the cost of hiring professional actors and creating a specific commercial and then getting it played on TV and theaters etc.
  • It provides you with prompt results. Businesses using SEO services in Sri Lanka are known to have the highest percentage of visits closely followed by businesses that use only Social media in Sri Lanka as a platform.
  • It can reach customers who are living outside Sri Lanka. So if someone is looking to visit Sri Lanka they know where to come looking for to eat the best Sri Lankan food or best Sea food.
  • The results are measurable. If you are using search engine optimization Sri Lanka, your consultant is going to provide you with monthly reports regarding how your business is responding to specific methods of SEO services.
  • It is helping in building relationships between employers and customers. For example if a customer has something to complain about they can do so on the social platform, the employer will not like the bad publicity and will do anything to rectify the problems immediately.

The Bad About Internet Marketing

  • Many people in Sri Lanka tend to copy ideas from websites around the world.
  • Your marketing campaign can get hidden by the many other advertisements present on the internet.
  • If it is not done professionally customers are not going to have a good impression about your campaign.
  • It may not be ideal for your product. For example if your product is for older people.
  • Technology can go wrong sometimes.